That about does it. The PadPivot must be the last novel idea in tablet stands. This seems to address the entire market's needs and more.
- Matt Burns
Los Angeles, CA
I fly alot and the pad pivot is perfect for reading when on the plane. Should be a part of all "road warriors" gear!
Ottawa, Canada
Hubby & I love them! I think it is a wonderful design. Its versatility for positioning the ipad is great and its stability is remarkable.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Great design, works like a charm.
Victoria, Canada
It was definitely worth the wait. The quality of the product is incredible and it works magnificently. Great work guys!
Does what I expected beautifully.
Los Angeles, CA
I received my PadPivot today. It really is amazing, it's exactly what I wanted!
Saratoga, CA
Just got mine in the mail today. It's better than I thought it would be. Good work guys!
St Louis, MO
I have 2 tablets an Acer and HP Touchpad and I have used this on both. Its very easy to use and keeps the tablet where you want it.
Buffalo, NY
It does what is advertised to do.
Jackson, MI
I wouldn't use my ipad, or kindle without it now... I'm hooked and highly recommend it!
Rogers, AR
This is a great tool for the iPad. It holds on like no other when playing interactive games!

Our Story

You've been looking at PadPivot™ , the ultimate "LAP and Desk Stand" for iPad©, tablets and e-readers. PadPivot™ is likely the most versatile and innovative tablet stand you have ever seen - definitely the most unique! Not only is the PadPivot™ itself elegant and innovative, the story behind it is equally inspiring.

Grass roots Canadian inventor Bernie Graham had an ambitious idea for a revolutionary tablet accessory. Collaborating over 2,000 miles away with American product designer Jim Young (James Arthur Young Design), PadPivot™ was designed and prototyped entirely over the Internet using the latest digital tools and rapid-prototyping technologies.

The story however does not stop there. To introduce and fund PadPivot™, Bernie and Jim used an exciting new crowd-funding website called KickStarter. In just two days they hit their funding goal and in just 60 days they welcomed close to 4,8000 supporters who backed their project and made it a reality. Bernie has now created a brand new category in the accessory market - setting PadPivot™ a part form all others.

Thank you for dropping by to check out this amazing device, we hope you join the story too! Ambitious...Indeed! Impossible...No Way!

The PadPivot™ Kickstarter Campaign
The VIDEO that started it all!
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