That about does it. The PadPivot must be the last novel idea in tablet stands. This seems to address the entire market's needs and more.
- Matt Burns
Los Angeles, CA
I fly alot and the pad pivot is perfect for reading when on the plane. Should be a part of all "road warriors" gear!
Ottawa, Canada
Hubby & I love them! I think it is a wonderful design. Its versatility for positioning the ipad is great and its stability is remarkable.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Great design, works like a charm.
Victoria, Canada
It was definitely worth the wait. The quality of the product is incredible and it works magnificently. Great work guys!
Does what I expected beautifully.
Los Angeles, CA
I received my PadPivot today. It really is amazing, it's exactly what I wanted!
Saratoga, CA
Just got mine in the mail today. It's better than I thought it would be. Good work guys!
St Louis, MO
I have 2 tablets an Acer and HP Touchpad and I have used this on both. Its very easy to use and keeps the tablet where you want it.
Buffalo, NY
It does what is advertised to do.
Jackson, MI
I wouldn't use my ipad, or kindle without it now... I'm hooked and highly recommend it!
Rogers, AR
This is a great tool for the iPad. It holds on like no other when playing interactive games!
If the video hasn't answered all your questions. Please make a selection from the FAQ list below.
  • What is the difference between the original PadPivot™ and the PadPivot™ NST?

    What is the difference between the original PadPivot™ and the PadPivot™ NST?

    NST stands for "Nano Suction Technology".

    The original PadPivot™ relies on an adhesive pad that required the use of a dust cover and is cleaned and refreshed with water. PadPivot™ NST incorporates a patented suction material that aggressively adheres to glossy surfaces. The new design also folds for storage more easily as the pad support simply pops into the bottom of the base. Bingo - it's pocket-portable! Be sure to watch the "How to PadPivot™ Video" and review the 'Quick Start Guide' to get the most from your PadPivot™...

    PadPivot™ NST:
    Improved folding | Superior holding power | Dust cover not required.

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  • Why is there a glossy decal?

    Why is there a glossy decal?

    The Nano Suction pad will only adhere to glossy surfaces. Tablets with matte finishes on the back such as the iPad© will require the application of the supplied glossy decal. Decal application is unnecessary for tablets with glossy backs.

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  • Will it work with Cases or Skins?

    Will it work with Cases or Skins?

    The PadPivot™ works well with the iPad© Smart Covers and Case and with glossy decorative decal type skins. Remember that the NST grip plate requires a glossy surface. So if your case is glossy and smooth then you're good to go. If not, you will have to apply the clear glossy decal to create the required glossy surface.

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  • How strong is the holding power of the "Grip Plate"?

    How strong is the holding power of the "Grip Plate"?

    It's strong enough to provide great support while sitting with your tablet on your lap or when using the pivot function. The PadPivot™ weighs next to nothing so it doesn't take a whole lot of holding power to stay attached to your tablet as you move it around your desk or from one leg to the other. Please remember:

    • The "grip plate" is not a mechanical connection or a harness and should never be used to hang the full weight of your tablet!
    • Never use the PadPivot™ as a handle!
    • If there is potential that you may be bumped, you should avoid hands-free operation of your device. PadPivot™ is not a safety or protective device for your tablet or e-reader.
    • Uifit is not responsible for any damages caused to your device or yourself through use of this device.
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  • Need more help then contact us.

    Need more help then contact us.

    The tablet market is exploding with new models so it's impossible to say that PadPivot™ will work with all tablets and e-readers. The PadPivot™ is designed to work with most hand-held devices ranging in size from an iPhone© through to 10" tablets like the iPad©. As long as your device has a glossy back or you apply the NST glossy decal and you follow the listed guidelines, you're good to use PadPivot™ anywhere, anytime! Enjoy!

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